Hamurcu - Çeşme'den Koli

Hamurcu - Çeşme'den Koli
Address: Kıbrıs Şehitleri Cad. Enver Dündar Basar Sok. No:5, Alsancak İzmir, Turkey
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Local, Locally, Clean, Natural, Traditional

Koli from Çeşme is a family business established in Izmir by the 5th generation of an Osset family who migrated from North Caucasus to Anatolia in the 19th century, with the motto Local & Local & Clean & Natural & Traditional.

The green wastes of the family run places in Izmir Alsancak become worm food in the family's rural gardens, and the fertilizer made by these worms produces vegetables and these vegetables are served as food in the restaurant and a complete ecological cycle is provided.

Suzan Elbeyoğlu, one of her family members, left her corporate business life and financial advisory profession after the ecological theory and practical trainings she had accumulated since 2010, and first settled in Çeşme Germiyan Yalısı and then in Çerkes Arıkbaşı village of Bayındır and established a natural and ecological life.

With the participation and support of other family members, the idea of ​​Koli from Çeşme started to be demanded by relatives, spouses and friends living in other cities of the country for both ecological and natural products and the Circassian dishes they produced with recipes passed down from generation to generation for centuries. In the meantime, the family's rural life moved to Arıkbaşı and the name was not changed, as Koli began to be recognized as the brand name from Çeşme.

Fountain from Kolin, Hamurcu shelf life, except it offers food service under the brand too much and without a limited number of natural and ecological products they produce as a boutique delivering Izmir inside the door, and they do deliver parcels by courier to all of Turkey.

Koli from Çeşme makes pot food ready to eat at people's homes or workplaces with the brand Sefertası.

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