About us

Kafnet platform is now on-line.

The Federation of Caucasian Associations (Kaffed) was established in 2003 in Ankara by the Caucasian associations that contribute to the preservation, survival and development of the Circassian culture, and to develop friendship and cooperation between the Caucasus and the diaspora countries.

The Caucasian Businessmen's Association (Kafiad) is an association founded in 1998 in order to strengthen the economic infrastructure by creating a network between business people living in the North Caucasus and other countries.

Kaffed and Kafiad, operating in different fields for common purposes, have decided to help the Kafnet web-based portal for the economic solidarity, development and welfare of the society by combining their forces.

Kafnet portal has been established to support all kinds of economic initiatives of its members in the Caucasus, Turkey and other diaspora countries, to dressing the products and services, today seen as the basis for the development of women, to support the young and qualified individual achievements, strengthen the communication network between our business people aims to develop the local and international arena.

Kafnet portal is open to everyone. You must be a member to manage your company information. To become a member, please apply from the "Registration" link on the bottom right corner of the page. In the application form, write the name of your company and, if any, the names of the organizations you are a member of in the "About me" section. For more information see the blog on Kafnet Membership.



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