Kafnet Membership

You can add company information and activities to Kafnet site by yourself as a member of the site, or Kafnet can upload your information on your behalf.

Members can upload their company information to the site, and in addition to company information, they can post partnership proposals for other companies, product advertisements for consumers and event announcements for the general public. In addition, on the B2Y Youth page, we can add links to internship and job announcements posted on your website or on social media platforms.

Kafnet is not an e-commerce site. Kafnet site ensures the sharing of information on activities and products as submitted by companies, and is not responsible for the accuracy of the information or the quality of the products/services presented on the site.

In order to become a member of the site, the application form must be filled by clicking the "Registration" link at the bottom right of the site. In the "About me" section of the application form, the name of the relevant company and the names of the organizations/associations to which the applicant is a member must be written. Please read the Privacy Policy before making the membership application. Submitting the application form or using the site means that the Privacy Policy is accepted.

After the application form is filled, an e-mail will be sent to the address written on the registration form for authentication. You need to confirm the e-mail address by clicking the link in this message. After your confirmation, the membership application will be directed to the site administrator, and your membership will begin with after the administrator’s approval.

Members can login to the site from the "Login" link located at the bottom right of the site, after their applications are accepted. When logging into the site, the "My business" link in the menu will also open. Under the "My business" link, there are "Admin panel", "Add a business" and "Partnership" links.

In the Partnerships link in the My business menu, partnership offers from other companies on the site can be seen.

You can add new company information to the site by clicking the Add a business link in the My business menu. When this link is clicked, "General info", "Details", "Location", "Contact", "Media" and "Extra info" tabs will appear on the screen. Fill in the information on these tabs one by one. (Fields marked with are mandatory.) You can move between tabs by pressing the "Next" and "Back" buttons. When you come to the "Extra Info" tab, click the "Save" button under the tab and save your company information. After this process, your company information will be included on the website after the approval of the site administrator.

In the "General info" tab there are three options for "Business type": Agent/representative, Production/service and Retailer/wholesaler. At least one of these three options must be selected.

Type the keywords that describe your products and activities in the "Keyword" field. Since these words are used during the search, it makes it easier for other companies and consumers to find your company.

In the "Detail" tab, select the sector/sectors you operate in the "Category" field. You can select all the appropriate sectors (please do not select more than 5 sectors).

You can see the statistics about and comments on your companies by clicking on the Admin panel link in the My business menu. You can also make a Partnership proposal for other companies, or advertise products for consumers from the Offers/Items link. If you send the social media address of your job and internship postings for young people to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., these postings will also be linked from our B2Y Youth page. 

It is important that you enter the products you provide for consumers here, by using the Offers/Items link, because these product offerings are searched when the consumers conduct a "Products for you" search.

You can prepare the announcement of the events you organize such as Network meeting, Fairs, Promotion events, Workshops and Conferences via the Events/Items link on this page.

After login, please use the Logout link at the bottom right corner of the page to exit from the site.

If you need help, contact us by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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